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Krzysztof plays classic music concert at home and raises 1,980 for SANE!
Added: 20th Aug 2020

It is reassuring to know that the COVID-19 situation is being monitored by the Government and the cases of people infected by it are falling. As we continue to adapt to the changes it has caused, levels of anxiety have risen among many people, including the ones who are affected by mental ill health. SANE’s helpline has been providing emotional help and support to anyone who needs it during these difficult times. As the charity does not receive government funding it relies on generous supporters who keep our frontline services running. 

Fortunately for SANE’s beneficiaries, the charity receives financial support from great fundraisers such as the one featured this time, Krzysztof Moskalewicz, a brilliant young musician who raised £1,980! 

Listening to classical music has been praised by researchers for boosting mental health and reducing anxiety. Dr Michael Schneck, a neurologist with Loyola Medicine in Chicago, explains: “listening to the harmonies and rhythms of classical music … may provide a calming effect for people, thus helping to lower their blood pressure”.

In May, at the peak of lockdown, Krzysztof had the initiative to create #StaySane Concerts from Home, where he performed a series of mini-concerts around 10-15mins every day for a week to raise awareness of mental illness. He posted the recitals on his Facebook page.  His final performance was live-streamed on his YouTube channel on Sunday the 3rd of May 2020 with the following repertoire: Beethoven - Sonata op. 27 no. 2 'Moonlight',  Debussy - 'Clair de Lune',  Chopin - Ballade in g minor op. 23 and Chopin - Polonaise in A flat major op. 53 'Heroic".

The recital was very successful and we were delighted to have a second one given by Krzysztof on 7th June 2020. The program was: Chopin - Polonaise-Fantaisie Op.61,  Liszt – Liebestraum  and  Chopin - Scherzo no.2 . You can watch it again here.

On his online fundraising page Krzysztof wrote:” We all know how fear and a lockdown can have a big impact on our minds and feelings. The most vulnerable and lonely people need as much help and attention as those who are physically ill.”

We asked Krzysztof what prompted him to support SANE. “I think SANE is doing a tremendous job with keeping their national helpline as one of the main sources of help in a socially-distant time. People who suffer from anxiety and depression and other conditions can be helped by professionals and trained volunteers every day of the week. This is vital as there are not many other alternatives that those in need can use to seek help.”

Krzysztof’s experience and constant practice of claisscal muisc has enabled him to realise the effect it has on people and on himself. “Classical music can greatly reduce the sense of anxiety and negative feelings and I think it can also transport people into a different reality which helps us to forget about problems for a moment. I chose the repertoire as a combination of the audience’s favourite pieces as well as my own. These concerts will be available on YouTube at least for a few more weeks, if anyone would like to listen to the music again.”

Thank you Krzysztof, for sharing your musical talents with your viewers and for giving comfort to many people with mental illness through music and through your fundraising!

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