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Black Dog workshops

Since the Black Dog Campaign’s inception in 2011, the dogs have become ambassadors for change.

The campaign is one of SANE’s most memorable and popular tools for raising awareness and encouraging involvement. The Black Dogs have now become a healthy pack of 13.

Volunteers led by university students and other young adults support the campaign. They work with schools, universities, businesses, charities and youth services all over the country.

Volunteers for Black Dog Campaign

The team has held over 160 different events, ranging from awareness workshops to panel discussions, from yoga and wellbeing sessions to inspirational speeches.

Central to this is awareness workshops, which aim to get to the heart of what mental health is and how stigma can influence perceptions and prevent people from seeking help.

“SANE does a fantastic job of explaining mental health in terms of experiences that everyone can relate to, so that people who have never had mental health problems can get a sense of others’ experiences.

Student at Oxford University on a Black Dog Campaign workshop

Volunteer team

We have already worked with the University of Dundee, Fife College, Heriot-Watt University, Northumbria University, the University of Oxford, Scotland’s Rural College, the University of St Andrews, University College London, and other institutions.

With the volunteer team following up the powerful symbolism of the Black Dog statues by providing forums for open discussion and education on mental health, the Black Dog Campaign is stronger than ever.

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