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Spotlight Interviews

Welcome to “Spotlight Interviews,” a compelling exploration into the intimate narratives of renowned personalities who courageously share their encounters with mental health struggles. Presented by the charity SANE, this collection unveils insightful conversations with notable figures such as model Montblanc Simon Clarke, former England cricketer Nick Compton, acclaimed writer Rachel Kelly, and soulful singer Melissa James. Join us on a poignant journey as these luminaries open up about their battles with depression, anxiety, and mental health challenges. Gain inspiration from their resilience and discover the profound impact of these conversations on breaking down stigmas surrounding mental health.

Nick Compton’s Journey: Cricket, Creativity, and Mental Health

Meet Nick Compton, ex-England cricket player and a multifaceted individual with a captivating life journey. In this Spotlight interview for SANE, Nick candidly shares his experiences, offering insights into the complexities of mental health in high-achieving individuals and his ongoing journey towards self-discovery and helping others.

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Rachel Kelly: Navigating mental health, the NHS crisis and the power of poetry in “You’ll Never Walk Alone”

We had the chance to talk with acclaimed author, mental health advocate, and SANE Ambassador Rachel Kelly, during her latest visit to our offices where she delved into the pressing issue of the NHS mental health crisis and shared invaluable insights on her personal journey, the transformative power of poetry, and her latest book, “You’ll Never Walk Alone,” a beacon of hope for those facing mental health challenges.

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Dancing Through Darkness: In conversation with Robin Windsor

In the enchanting world of dance, where movements become poetry and emotions find expression, one name stands out for its captivating talent and remarkable resilience: Robin Windsor. Renowned for his mesmerizing performances on the international dance floor and his participation on the hit show Strictly Come Dancing, Robin’s journey has been one of triumph over adversity, both on and off the stage.

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Anxiety and modelling: Simon Clark’s story

Simon Clark is one of the most iconic faces in male modelling. But, behind his successes as the face of Mont Blanc, Simon has lived with anxiety his entire life. Simon spoke to SANE about what it was like growing up with anxiety in the 1970s, how modelling has affected his mental health and how he lives with anxiety today.

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Melissa James X SANE Spotlight

Singer-songwriter Melissa James has been a SANE ambassador since 2016. As well as producing music, Melissa works and volunteers in care homes, hospitals and communities, helping spread the power of music to people with mental illness.

In our spotlight interview, we reminisced with Melissa about her fundraising Sing4SANE events and found out what’s in her mental health toolbox.

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Ruby Wax X SANE Spotlight

Ruby Wax has been a SANE Ambassador since 2011. Best known for her comedy and documentaries, Ruby is also recognised for being open about her depression and campaigning for better understanding of mental health.

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