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SANE has a range of services to help improve the quality of life for anyone affected by mental illness.

Please explore the areas below to find out how we provide confidential support, guidance and information, as well as help to develop artistic potential.

Our confidential services enable people to confide in us about their mental health and receive help, support, guidance and information or to help someone else.

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The SANE Community offers space for members where support is given and received mutually, and everyone can share experiences and feelings as well as ideas.

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Emotional support

Although our previous SANEline number cannot operate at the moment, you can leave a message on 07984 967 708 giving your first name and a contact number, and one of our professionals or senior volunteers will call you back as soon as practicable.

You can also email us at, and we will respond as soon as possible. Our normal Support Forum and Textcare services are also available.

SANE provides emotional support, guidance and information to anyone affected by mental illness, including carers, families and friends.  

Our mental health support services are confidential. We offer non-judgemental and compassionate emotional support.

Our staff team and trained volunteers create a space where you feel safe to talk about things that are most affecting you.

We also make time so we can think together about the options available to you.

Our work has three key elements. Each one is designed to address the most fundamental challenges faced by those affected by mental illness: 

  • The lack of support in a crisis
  • Challenges with navigating the mental health system and accessing the right ongoing support 
  • Social isolation

SANEline – space to talk openly

We offer one-to-one support for those times you feel you need it most – this could be when you have a problem with your own mental health, or when someone close to you is struggling.

We provide this support through SANEline, the national out-of-hours specialist helpline for people affected by mental illness.

SANE wants you to feel like you always have someone to turn to, offering non-judgmental, compassionate support when many services are closed.

We recognise that in order to access the right support some people need more space to explore what is going on for them than the helpline is designed to offer.

For those people we have a number of other services to provide more extensive support, including access to a limited number of on-going support sessions with the same SANE staff member each week, for a short amount of time. 

SANE wants you to feel consistently supported, and able to move forward.


Textcare is designed to provide emotional support and connection at the times you need it most. We provide bespoke one-way messages directly to your mobile phone.

This is a confidential service for those aged 16 and over, and each message sent will be individually written for you based on the information you give us in the form below.

For this reason, you need to submit your request a minimum of 72 hours (three days) before the time you would like to receive a message, and we can’t send you more than one message in a seven day-period.

Email support

We provide an email support service for anyone who prefers to write things down, or doesn’t have privacy to speak. You can email us at, and will receive a personally written response. You are welcome to begin with email support and ask for a call from us at any time.

SANE wants you to feel consistently supported, so that you can move forward towards recovery.


We want you to feel part of a community as we work together to address the complexities of mental illness, including stigma, exclusion and isolation, as well as the daily challenges of living with mental illness.

We provide a platform for peer-to-peer support, for the exchange of ideas and guidance. New members are encouraged to join our online Support Forum, share blogs about your experiences, thoughts and opinions; share art, music and videos and spark conversations on our social media channels.

SANE wants you to feel part of a supportive environment and have a safe place to chat to people who understand your experiences.

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