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Black Dog sculptures

Sculptures of Black Dogs wearing coats designed by artists, celebrities or members of the public, stand on plinths featuring SANEline information and other sources of help.

They can be found in business foyers, public parks and shopping centres in towns and cities throughout the UK.

They also tour workplaces, schools and universities. The statues have made their way around the country, with the campaign reaching over 80 different locations.

The Black Dogs are funded from contributions by organisations and institutions who partner with SANE. For more about the current dogs and their owners, go to Black Dogs and where they are.

Blac Dog Campaign - Horace

Each dog sculpture is cast from the same mould but to personalise each Black Dog they have been given a name, unique coat and a collar of hope with information about SANE.

Horace, our first dog, was born at the 3D Eye studios in West London. According to classical mythology, the poet Horace was the first to use the black dog metaphor to describe his darker moods.

“Ignorance and prejudice are terrifying partners. SANE has bravely and consistently
held high the banners of care and compassion. This is why I support their Black Dog Campaign.”

Alastair Stewart OBE

Depression and loneliness

We hope the Black Dog Campaign will give people a language in which to express their inner feelings of anxiety, depression and loneliness.

Most of us have experienced Black Dog days or felt the Black Dog on our shoulder. But when those days turn to weeks and months, few people know where and how to find help.

The campaign reaches out to people who may be living with other mental health problems, such as bipolar disorder, anxiety and schizophrenia, and to those who would like to know how they can help someone they care about.

Depression comes in many forms and is associated with many conditions.

Whatever someone is going through, SANE is there for them.

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