Send a Text

Send a Text Save a Life

Send a Text Save a Life is a practical and powerful way for people to take action when they are concerned about the welfare of someone they know or care about. A text is a comforting reminder that a person is not alone - and it can prevent problems from escalating. Send a Text supports a central message of the Black Dog Campaign - encouraging people to seek help early rather than suffering alone in silence.

In some situations, Save a Life means liberating a person from the fear and stigma that so often surrounds mental health problems. Much of this suffering can be reduced or avoided. A text is a simple and effective way to reach out and remind a person close to us that we care.

Often we can tell something is wrong, but we don’t know how to start a conversation about what we see happening to someone that we are close to. 

A SANE supporter recently told us how a text would help: “I'm going through a depressive breakdown at the moment; you wouldn't believe what a difference an unsolicited ‘are you OK?’ text makes. Please text someone you know. It does help.”

Send a Text enables positive action before situations develop into a crisis:

  • Helping people recognise the early warning signs of mental health problems.
  • Empowering people to offer effective support.
  • Making people in need aware that SANE provides free, confidential emotional support.

When we want to let a person know we’re concerned we may feel anxious about saying the right thing, or feel unsure about how to deal with any problems the person may reveal if we do speak to them. SANE recognises these feelings as being potential obstacles to offering help at a crucial early stage of mental health problems. This is where Send a Text Save a Life helps to make an important difference by empowering that first crucial step - sending a simple, supportive text message.