Welcome to SANE on Suicide

SANE on Suicide presents the findings from our suicide prevention research. We talked to people who had attempted suicide, their close family and friends, and people bereaved by suicide.

Although suicide sometimes appears to be an impulsive or sudden act, we found that it is usually a process. As such it can be slowed down and stopped.

Who is SANE on Suicide for?

It's for anyone affected by suicide or who'd like to know more about it - people who are or have been suicidal, family members and friends, professionals working with those who are or may be suicidal.

What's in SANE on Suicide?

Each section contains excerpts from interviews describing experiences of the process of suicide.

Each experience shows the point of view of both the suicidal person and a family member or friend. There are suggestions for getting support, accounts of recovery and a space to share your story.

How do I use SANE on Suicide?

Click the Start button and you will be taken to a 'funnel' image. This illustrates the suicidal process and the key themes from our research - living without self-worth, loss of trust, and suicidal exhaustion. It also shows how it is possible to slow down or stop the process at any point.

Does it cover all experiences of suicide?

We found a lot of common ground in the stories of the people we spoke to. However, your story may be different and you may like to share it with us.

Find out more

To find out more, please take a look at the summary of findings, and the full report of findings