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09 Sep 2019 , by Caroline

The problem is you overthink everything

So how do I stop? Overthinking I mean. It is all very well passing on this “advice”, but is it really advice? It actually is more of a statement. And to make a statement and nothing more really is not very helpful.

I really was not aware just how much I do overthink things until I actually started to notice and acknowledge when my mind started to run away with itself. It was quite an eye opener to observe my own thoughts and be aware of when the old mind started to whir into a tizz of overthinking.

Before this, I assumed that I would only overthink things during times of real crisis. But, I have to be honest, it seems to be far more frequent – for instance during times of worry, stressful situations, anxious situations, busy times, boring times, mundane times. In fact, it will probably make this blog much shorter if I kept it to times when I don’t overthink. And that is the problem. I don’t really know the last time I just did something without giving it too much thought.

My husband is a very laid back go with the flow person and boy am I jealous! But being an overthinker is part of what makes me me. I think sometimes overthinking can be a good thing. Every trip, holiday is methodically budgeted and planned for so we get the most from our time and money. The house is pretty much organised most of the time as things are planned for, organised and prepared for. The trouble is, my brain doesn’t have the filter to know when something does not need to be thought through in a precise meticulous way and overthinking everything is not fun and can create real worry and anxiety.

I want to learn how to get that balance. To learn when to let go of a thought and just run with it. To accept that worrying about something over and over will not actually take that worry away or make it better, in fact it makes things worse because it just causes unnecessary suffering.

I would very much like to lean more about overthinking, why we do it and what we can do to help ourselves stop. I am going to start to be even more aware and acknowledge, without judgement, when I catch myself overthinking (a lot) for starters and learn more about simply to go with the flow.

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