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14 Nov 2023 , by My mental health journey

Men’s Mental Health

Hello I am Wayne Read and I’m here to raise awareness on a very important subject, Men’s Mental Health. As a man living with Mental health issues for the past 15 years now, we are sometimes told to man up or just get on with it or show no emotions when feeling down.

I’ve had that said to me so many times over the years, and that`s why I want to share my story with you because my doubters tried so hard to convince me I am wrong by opening up honestly. I am here to say that they will never stop me from expressing myself and talking about my proud and amazing story while hoping to inspire others to do the same.

It’s ok to talk about what you are feeling and it’s ok to ask for help when needed, and it will NOT make you any less of a man by doing so. It will only make you stronger and feel empowered, so never feel ashamed of that. We are only human beings and we all have the right to express our feelings and emotions as we wish, so express yourself while being proud along the way because each and every one of us is as important as the next person.

Too many men suffer in silence because of the fear of getting judged – so my message to all men out there is if you are struggling or you know someone that is, then please seek advice by speaking to your doctor or to your support network around you and just take it one step at a time. Trust me, I did and it was the blessing I was so looking for in my life. It also saved my life and got me where I am today because of my belief and ability.

For the first time in years I am loving my life so much again. There will always be tough days where the belief will not be there, but please trust your gift of strength within and your wiliness to succeed will always get you through those tough days. Also, keep reminding yourself why you are doing this and it`s because you want the life you deserve. That might include going to counselling – it’s tough because you will have to go to your most inner dark places to reach the shining light of strength within. You will get there trust me – we all believe in you so you need to find belief in yourself too because you, me and everyone are amazing.

With counselling, they will give you the hope and some amazing techniques to use going forward. I use my techniques every single day that includes exercising, eat healthy, writing down my thoughts in a notepad before bed. If counselling is not for you, then please research online for any well-being groups near your area because I currently attend a well-being group each month to keep on top of my mental health, which I’m enjoying so much because I get to meet people who also live with the same illness as me. They are so inspiring to be around too and while inspiring them with my journey too.

By reading this, I do hope I have inspired you and given you the hope and belief that is needed to use your amazing platform of life to share to the world your very own stories. Every story matters and we are not alone in this journey of life. I thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for reading this and I do hope, it`s helped in anyway. Please keep the positive outlook within going because that’s the best outlook to focus on. Keep your head up high and remember to smile along the way too.

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