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09 Nov 2023 , by Seeks Solace

Getting Back Out There, Hopefully…

Hello to you!

I have now decided to start becoming active here, rather than just hovering peeking over the hedge.

I am trying very hard to muster up the strength to get back to work. And I am really finding this as terrifying as I do exciting. I need to be back out in the World, and with a stable longterm role.

I have found myself getting ready to actively find numbers to ring and people to approach. Information that will find me a situation where my depression will be understood and accepted. I also have anxiety issues.

I do have skills to possibly start selling my artwork. But I really haven’t focused particularly well to get into any sort of routine.

I take 40mg of Citalopram a day. And thought it does definitely help, I still have days where I have zero enthusiasm.

So the drive to plough on is there, just the ability to push forwards physically and emotionally seems to be missing.

How have others found returning to work? Or starting afresh?

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