SANE recruits volunteers from diverse backgrounds and with different personal life experiences for a range of roles within our London office in E1.

Available roles

Please see below the four types of volunteer role, and download the PDF for detailed information.

SANE Services Volunteers: Providing emotional support and information on helpline and e-mail services; assisting with moderation of our Support Forum. We recruit and train volunteers all year round.

* Office Volunteers: Providing general administrative support and assisting with projects and events.

* Database Volunteers: Checking and updating information on the SANE Information Database (SID) which contains valuable information about mental health support services throughout the country.

* Volunteer Service Users/Carers: Using your own experience, you can help train our SANE Services volunteers and/or contribute to our research and campaigning work.

* Recruited as needed

Who volunteers for SANE?


Richard, Jack, Sue, Victoria and Hannah are all SANE Services volunteers. When not volunteering for SANE, they are working or studying. Their studies include undertaking psychology courses and CPN training.

Come and meet some of our team. Sharmay, David, Margaret and Malcolm are all SANE volunteers.

Get more information about all volunteer roles from Rohima Begum.
T: 020 7422 5539  E: [email protected]