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Emotional Support


Textcare is another means of providing emotional support and contact for anyone affected by mental illness, including families, friends and carers.

Having a mental health condition, or caring for someone with such a condition, may leave you feeling lonely or isolated at times. Contact from SANE via text at such times can provide an extra source of support.

Textcare provides support at times that are relevant for you, for instance: 
• A regular time when you may feel lonely or isolated, for example at weekends or when other services or support are not available.* 
• A specific time when you would like some extra support, for example before attending an appointment.

* The service provides one text per week for five weeks. If you would like to continue the support beyond this time, simply re-submit the form below.  

NB: We can accept requests for direct personal messages only. We cannot accept requests for messages for a third party. We can provide support to those based in the UK only.

Please note - timing of requests: From Monday to Friday please allow 24 hours to enable us to set up your messages. If your request is submitted over the weekend, please allow 48 hours to enable us to set up your messages.

For instance, if you wish to have messages at 10.00am on Wednesdays we must have your request by 10.00am on Tuesday. If we receive your request after this time, your message package may not start until Wednesday of the following week.


Textcare is a one-way service, so you will not be able to respond directly to the text messages received.

Textcare is NOT a crisis service. If you need support in a crisis, please refer to our crisis page

Important notes about SANE Textcare

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NB: If you wish this support to be continued after this time, please re-submit a form