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Inspirational_wordsThe primary function of this mental health forum is to provide a space where mutual support is given and received by anyone affected by mental illness.

Membership requires you to be willing and able to engage with others in the spirit of mutual support. You are expected to take personal responsibility for your contributions and posts in this community, accepting and applying the guidelines and ground rules provided.

Please read and accept all guidelines and ground rules. If, at any point, you feel unable or unwilling to accept and apply all guidelines, please refrain from using the Support Forum.

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Comprehensive guidance is provided to enable you to take personal responsibility to manage your presence on the Forum. SANE cannot take any responsibility for any distress that may arise from use of the Support Forum.

Please note:

  • The Support Forum is for the use of those aged 18 and over only.
  • Posts for the purposes of research or journalism are NOT allowed.

Guidelines and ground rules will be periodically reviewed and updated. Any changes or amendments will be announced on the Support Forum.


You are expected to take personal responsibility for your presence and contributions in this community.



The community is varied, encompassing a range of personalities, attitudes, cultural backgrounds, religious beliefs, sexual orientations, experiences, opinions and feelings. In your contributions and posts, please:

• Respect yourself. 
• Respect other members. 
• Respect the space provided.


The spectrum of mental illness is a broad one; its effects on individuals, family, friends and carers can take many forms. Please be empathic towards each other ie 'how might it feel to walk in someone else's shoes?'


Please be accepting of individuals and the validity of individual experience.