Black Dog Tribe

“Six years ago, I had the tsunami of all depressions. What was really most healing, for me, besides the drugs, was meeting my own people – my tribe. When you meet each other, it’s such a relief to know you’re not alone.”  - Ruby Wax.

Black Dog Tribe (BDT) was the brainchild of comedian, actress and ‘poster girl for mental illness’ Ruby Wax, and internet entrepreneur Dr Nina Storms. Early on, SANE came on board to lend their expertise and support to the project, before taking over the running of the community in December 2012 alongside SANE’s awareness-raising Black Dog Campaign.

BDT has since tightened its ties ever more with SANE, in order to realise Ruby and SANE’s shared vision: to provide a space where people like you can talk openly about mental ill-health and realise you’re not alone. BDT's new home on the SANE website will mean that tribers are but a click away from SANE’s emotional support and services.

Commenting on the transition, Ruby Wax said: “It’s great that a new chapter is opening for Black Dog Tribe, and I’m delighted that by joining the SANE community, tribers will have additional support and be able to connect with even more like-minded people like me.”