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Give support to someone who has nowhere else to turn

It has been a year of story after tragic story, of families devastated by mental illness despite pleading for help from the NHS. The over-stretched mental health system is failing people in their hour of need, pushing them further into crisis.

This is why SANE provides personal, emotional mental health support to people of all ages, when they have nowhere else to turn. Amy describes what this meant to her:

“At one point, SANE was the only organisation that checked up on me in the community. I can't put into words what it meant to actually have someone ring me to check that I was okay - still alive - when the local mental health services seemed to refuse my very existence.”

Anyone affected by mental illness can reach out to SANE and receive compassionate care and comfort. Your kindness means each person is supported for as long as their journey to recovery takes.

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A gift of £50 provides four people with an in-depth, personal call back from a mental health professional, providing them with consistent care in a time of despair.

£25 enables four people to receive the first 30 minutes of personal, emotional mental health support, allowing them to begin their own journey to mental health recovery.

Just £10 will provide a vulnerable person with a personalised package of 5 weekly text messages, providing them with comfort and support at times that are most difficult for them.

Read more about Amy, and others in desperate need.

How to get started

Download a SANE fundraising pack, filled with ideas and tips to help make your fundraising a success.

Contact SANE’s Fundraising Team on 020 3805 1790 or email to discuss your ideas.

“Supporting mental health is wonderful choice, because so many people are in need of urgent help. Your involvement has the dual benefit of raising vital funds, while also helping to tackle stigma. I’m really grateful for all your help.”
Paul Flitcroft, Director of Fundraising and Marketing

Raising money is fun

Fundraising is a great way to support better mental health and have a good time. Whether it’s running a marathon, taking on a challenge or doing a sponsored activity, there's a whole array of inspiring activities. In this video Charlie and Philippa relate their amazing adventures cycling around China - all to support people affected by mental illness. Read more about their incredible journey.

How you make a difference

Your donations and the money you raise through fundraising is the vital link to helping those in need. One of the key ways we like to feed back to you how your contribution makes a difference is through supporter communications. Below are our recent updates.

Supporter update November 2014: Read about how Text Care has transformed the experience of Christmas for people like Emma and Amelia, and hear from Jacky, on of SANE's expertly trained mental health volunteers. 

Supporter update April 2014: Read heart-felt tributes from people who have recovered their mental health thanks to your donations, and learn about Rachel Kelly's memoir, Black Rainbow, and our #healingwords campaign. 

Supporter update January 2014: Find out how your contribution is helping people and changing lives. This update also details our latest work on Schizophrenia and Employment, and Suicide Prevention.

You can read previous supporter updates by visiting our Archive.

Why you should fundraise for mental health

One in four of us will be affected by mental illness at some point in our lives. In the UK, there are up to ten million men, women and children suffering from mental health problems at any one time. However, the impact of mental illness extends far further than the person who experiences it; experts estimate 6-10 more people are affected.

SANE improves quality of life for anyone affected by mental illness, including family, friends and carers. We achieve this by providing confidential help, expert information and practical advice. Anyone can access emotional support, free of charge, at any time of day or night, 365 days a year. SANE relies on voluntary income to fund its work.

Our promise to you

We respect your privacy and will never pass your details onto another organisation.

It’s your choice how often we contact you, and whether it’s by post, telephone or email. Call 0203 805 1790 and let us know your preferences.

We promise to spend your money wisely. We are accountable, and for every £1 donated we dedicate £0.90 to helping people. The balance is used to find new supporters.

We are committed to making life better for people affected by mental illness. Our guiding principles are: Acceptance, Hope, Compassion, Respect, Dignity