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Campaign with SANE

Campaign with SANE

SANE was born from a campaign to achieve professional treatment and compassionate care for everyone affected by mental illness. We continue to campaign to influence policy and bring about change. We undertake a high level of media activity, giving 200-plus interviews on all major media channels and providing comment on a daily basis to all news and online outlets. 

If you suffer from a mental illness or care for someone who does, you can play a hugely important role in our campaigning. First hand experiences speak volumes, and by sharing your story you can help to articulate the reality of mental illness and help us to change attitudes, reduce stigma and end discrimination.

Please join our campaign: change people's lives for the better!

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SANE is calling for anyone who has experienced or is living with mental illness to become a media volunteer. If you would like the chance to speak publicly about your experiences, please contact the Media Team on 020 7422 5561 or

Being a media volunteer involves speaking to newspapers, TV and radio. Please be aware that you can give as little or as much detail as you wish and can even remain anonymous – get in touch today!