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I’m so tired

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I’m so tired

Postby rockinghorse » Sun Mar 07, 2021 10:21 pm

I am not yet 30 years old and I’m tired of my life. Exhausted and I just can’t get away from how much of a failure I am. I am so utterly mediocre and pointless. I’m sick of myself, I hate myself!

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Re: I’m so tired

Postby lol76 » Sun Mar 07, 2021 11:34 pm

We are bombarded with media, facebook, choice after choice and made to feel as though we all need to be 'living the dream,' but this is false it really is. I too struggle with feeling like a failure and that theres no point to me but this is when Im feeling depressed. Im working with a therapist and she has been good for me. She is taking the pressure away and encouraging me to live just one day at a time doing things that I enjoy but are simple. Its okay to feel as you do, but its also okay to live a pretty average life too because its unrealistic to expect thrills all the time. We dont need to be living in the fast lane, getting the best jobs and 'living the dream.' You really are not a failure my friend. Im trying to adapt to a more 'Im okay as I am' attitude and take the pressure off. For years Ive felt ive failed at life because Ive never been married, no kids, still living in family home and no job at the moment. But for the first time in a while Im feeling happy. Im lucky I have a great family, I have lots of nice friends, Im enjoying being creative at the moment, Im enjoying reading good books and I look forward to walking with my friends. Okay its not rock n roll but Im feeling more content. Okay I dont measure up to where I thought Id be at the age of 44 but who sets out the rules that we all have to live by. Be yourself and allow yourself to be exactly who you are. You are not a failure, life can be tough so surviving in itself makes you a success. Sorry if im talking rubbish and it doesnt help...i simply just wanted you to know you are nit alone in how you feel...but its all okay because most of us are simply just okay xx

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