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Astrology Birth chart

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Astrology Birth chart

Postby braveheart » Tue Mar 02, 2021 2:13 am

I posted this in another forum but they dont like what i post there

does anyone know about Astrology? I have seen the Myers Briggs personality test and loved using that and recently i was shown this thing about a birth chart, Its basically what the stars are supposed to say about you with regards to your date of birth, i thought it was fascinating.

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Re: Astrology Birth chart

Postby aura » Sun Mar 07, 2021 5:17 pm

hello braveheart, im aura and i am very into astrology, i suggest watching bracha goldsmith videos on youtube. Theastrocodex website was the best in detail description on birthcharts but has been taken down for some reason! If you want to find out more on your chart find a good free birth chart website and type in your details and it will give you all your alignments. then google each alignment such as "mars in gemini" or "chiron in virgo" and you will get a good deal of depth about yourself and your life. i truly believe birth charts in astrology help us understand who we are and why we have been through certain pain and suffering in life. im so glad you have found astrology fascinating, it really is and theres so much to learn, to much for me to write down, but hope these pointers help. :) Have fun building up your knowledge :) the moon cycles also have great relavence to our emotional lives too if you havn't already looked into that. Take care , love Aura x

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