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Postby jamelweimann » Tue Jan 26, 2021 2:05 am

In order to purchase the right skateboard for different purposes, skateboarders have to consider a number of things such as brand, quality, or skating style. In longboarding, there are also a huge amount of products as well as companies that manufacture longboards for different skating styles.

As a new longboarder, you may find it extremely hard to find a suitable skateboard since all kinds of longboards are similar to you. Moreover, there are hundreds of brands that produce longboards so newbies are usually overwhelmed by the number of models. That’s why you have to read today’s post about the right longboard brand for your skating style.

In the following content, I mainly discuss the requirements for longboards in each style as well as recommend some reputable names on the market. If you are interested in the buying guides as well as a closer look at the price range of skateboards, I think you may want to visit SkateAdvisors for more information.



Let’s begin with the most chill style where you can get lost in speed or big slides. However, freeride is not very suitable for beginners so you may want to take up this later on if you are desperately looking for speed in skateboarding.

In freeriding, a good board must be flexible and is capable of giving a more progressive feel when skaters perform on slides. Due to the high proportion of sliding involved in this style, ideal longboards in this case need to have harder wheels. If you are getting lost among hundreds of brands on the market, Loaded Boards, Landyachtz, and Rayne are definitely some names you must check out.


If bombing hills at insane speeds is in your blood, you must never miss downhill riding. Similar to freeride, it is not a beginner-friendly style and downhill requires advanced skills and good skateboard gear.

To obtain maximum stability while riding down hills, longboards for this style usually have wide trucks and are stiffer than normal. Many longboarders even top their deck with aggressive grip tape so their feet won’t slip away.

Some typical brands for this advanced style are Prism, Omen, Landyachtz, Loaded Boards, Original Skateboards, and Marid. However, newbies must remember that this style is extremely dangerous for novices who have little or even no experience in longboarding.


This style is suitable for anyone who wants to enjoy their ride and the surroundings. Since there is no specific trick involved in this style rather than cruising around, it doesn’t need an aggressive or stiff longboard. Also, you don’t need to find a model that is too concave or has super hard wheels.

Cruising is a good way to release stress and riders can enjoy their ride and nature at the same time. If you take a look at some products in any skate shops, cruiser boards are available in many shapes and sizes. However, for the smoothest ride, soft and wide wheels together with the pintail shape are highly recommended.

Recently, cruisers have always preferred mini-cruisers due to their portability. Furthermore, many longboarders said that mini-cruisers are much more stable and compact than ordinary longboards. Landyachtz Dinghy is a great example of the best skateboard for beginners which is manufactured by Landyachtz. Besides this brand, you can also find some decent products of Sector 9, Globe, Arbor, or Loaded Boards.


If you want to save time and extra cost from shipping, especially international shipping, you should head to a local skate shop. In skateboarding stores, you can also ask for further consultation from the sellers to find the best longboards. Since I had recommended some brands above, you can also order their products on the companies’ website but you may need to wait for a few days or even weeks for the board to arrive.


Moreover, skaters can also get one from a wholesale online shop or some e-commercial platforms like eBay or Amazon. However, the quality of products on these sites is not well tested and you can only find the low-tier models. Hence, don’t expect to find a high-quality longboard on these websites.

If you are familiar with online auctions on eBay, Yahoo Auctions, or Facebook Marketplace, you can find some good deals occasionally. But you must be proficient at skateboarding as well as have huge knowledge about skateboards in order not to get a fake product but have to pay a high price.


I hope that with today’s thread, you would be able to classify the suitable longboards based on the skating style. Rather than purchasing a complete skateboard, you can try to customize one at home. Although customized skateboards, especially longboards, cost more than the average price of pre-assembled skateboards, you would be able to build the most suitable boards for your needs.
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Re: therapy

Postby lol76 » Tue Jan 26, 2021 2:21 am

Yes! I was referred for long term group psychoanalytical therapy and from the very beginning I felt like she twisted everything I said and put words in my mouth. She mentioned attachment issues and kind of blamed my mum...I felt horrid and came away feeling worse. I stuck at it for about 14 months and was honest and said I didnt agree with what she was saying. In the end I left and now speak to another therapist who has a totally different perspective on things. I studied Psychology at degree level so I was familiar with what my first therapist was saying however, it felt to me she was making my issues fit the theory and wasnt truly listening to my objections or opinions. I understand counselling can be hard and upsetting but in my case it caused great distress and judgement. Thankfully, I am now much happier with my current therapist and feel more understood.

There is only you can decide how you feel about your current sessions as therapy can be very personal. My advice would be to explain how its making you feel as a good therapist should be able to support you and listen to you. If you feel this isnt the case please dont be afraid to try another therapist as its about finding the right suppprt that suits you. Good luck x

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