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ADHD/ADD and/or bipolar

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ADHD/ADD and/or bipolar

Postby jaraya » Sat Mar 27, 2021 11:50 pm

I've been going through a tough time, past behaviours have caught up with me, having looked at many conditions I feel I may have missed being diagnosed with ADHD/ADD and/or bipolar.
For sure I don't think things through, have been very impulsive, have horrendous mood swings, anger problems, difficulty concentrating unless I'm interested and fully engaged.
I cabn be happy as Larry one minute and in tears the next, that said these aren't neccesarily regular occurrences, but occur during periods of high stress
I can be the life and soul of a party for long periods of time,and may then crash and need long periods of rest, never seem to find a steady pace.
It's very hard accepting your failings, especially when you don't realise them for yourself until things get very bad !!
Hit me square between the eyes fairly recently, now I'm struggling to cope.
Stupid mistakes have lead me to where I am.
If only I recognised the signs earlier, hey ho.

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Re: ADHD/ADD and/or bipolar

Postby epitaph » Sun Mar 28, 2021 5:38 pm

Hello Jaraya,

In a perfect world there would be a moderator reading this forum and responding to posts providing expert guidance following years of training and experience. Albeit a post is not the same as a therapist conducting a series of interviews and analysis etc.

I've read your other posts... for me your description contains some of the classic symptoms of ADHD.

A couple of things
1. ADHD in adults is frequently misdiagnosed
2. ADHD coupled with EHA and RSD can be exceptionally emotionally painful

What many people fail to realise is that it is possible to still perform to a very high level whilst suffering major emotional trauma. But recognizing the signs early on and doing the right thing about them to seek help before the situation worsens seems hard to do and a common failing.

My strong recommendation is to take some time of work or simply cut your hours right back as much as possible such that you are under far less stress. If that is not possible look for ways to take the stress out of your work as much as you can. With ADHD and possibly any emotional trauma one can think one is thinking logically, only to subsequently realise that you're not! Which then creates issues as others respond to the illogical thoughts with disastrous consequences; which leaves one feeling "if only I'd not done that or this etc", coupled to regret and misery as you may have already sadly discovered by the way.

Take care..

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