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Mental illness can affect us all

If you're concerned about, or care for, someone with mental illness
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Re: Mental illness can affect us all

Postby katy1 » Fri Apr 27, 2018 1:04 pm

Im currently trying to get my family member help, his 50 yrs old and suffers with un-diagnosed mental health problems. My guess is probably paranoid schizophrenia. For the past 5 years he has been living without, heating, hot water, fridge, freezer, cooker etc so has only been eating cold food. HIs living conditions are appalling and he cant properly care for himself.
He has suffered from mental illness for years but now that he has no income he will not seek benefits as he wont give out his personal information and so is neglecting himself as has no food. I have supported him financially upto a month ago as I no longer can.
I am trying to get him registered at the doctors but as their are no records of him it is seeming impossible, he has no photo ID no bank (so no bank statement) and basically doesn't exist in society.
Im trying to get help to get a diagnosis but seen as he doesn't want the help this is extremely difficult. He feels their is nothing wrong with him, although meeting him in person you can clearly see their is.
Besides from my family members physical health these are the signs and symptoms he shows daily:
Emotionally unattached, socially awkward, problems with eye contact, fixates on subjects often strange subjects such as the government, blood pressure, mad cows disease, every conspiracy theory you could think of, he is highly intelligent in specific topics such as socialiology, human behaviour, the unconscious mind, and is a master manipulator, he has tantrums if something is unexpected (if I told someone his business) . He wont go to the doctors as they will give him tablets and the tablets only benefit the person selling them etc. When a family member was dying of cancer he begged them to stop therapy as he believed this was going to kill them.
My memory of him growing up is him running up and down the stairs a certain amount of times, same with the light switches, talking to himself and having ticks and twitches (these seemed to have stopped over the years but then I am not with him all the time).
Other peoples experiences of him can be completely different he appears to be normal to some people and their explanation of how they know him is a completely different person but over the years his become less able to hide his mental health and others now recognise that their is something not right.

Everything I try to do to help him is not working and now his neglecting himself I am having to try and intervene but their seems to be barriers everywhere I turn. But if I don't help my him no on will.

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Re: Mental illness can affect us all

Postby calico5 » Fri Jul 06, 2018 8:44 pm

that is the reason I've joined this group, in the hope someone can help me help my daughter. She has attempted suicide twice and I'm scared i will lose her. Ive posted in this forum but no one has commented :(

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Re: Mental illness can affect us all

Postby katelyn » Sat Jul 21, 2018 2:16 pm

Hope everybody gets better

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Re: Mental illness can affect us all

Postby stripydan » Sun Jul 29, 2018 6:12 am

I agree mental health is a serious issue for people of all ages.

I joined this group because at this moment in time I’ve been struggling, lots of family issues (I got thrown out of my house by my mum, made homelesss and had to find somewhere else to live), I lived in a house where I was bullied, physically harmed, emotionally and verbally abused by my mum. I am 28 but lived with this abuse for many years and it eventually affected me. I have also struggled with addiction for about 14 years, which was the only coping mechanism I had for the abuse I got at home. I have been experiencing withdrawals but it really messed with my head. My partner of 3.5 years is unaware of the 2nd thing - I have been to my GP and for counselling and both advise me to avoid telling of it.

This has all been going on in the space of many years. I have just moved house yesterday, but the addiction is 10 days free. I hope to never return to it and am looking at rehabilitation options, but it’s not an easy time. I had bad thoughts earlier into this year, and there are still many times when I wake up with anxiety or difficult thoughts.

I want to do more posts here to help others, in the hope I can be a part of it, and give me some hope in my own situation. Life is hard and full of twists/turns. But I do value my life, and want to strengthen my mentality a bit more as each day passesI and want to experience the best of it.

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Re: Mental illness can affect us all

Postby ocean » Sat Sep 08, 2018 9:42 am

Hi, I'm new to this, but feel so grateful this forum exists as I feel I have been on my own coping with my husband's mental health issues alone. He is a non-using addict ,I believe also ADHDA and struggles with depression, extreme highs and lows though will not seek professional help or counselling. I'm struggling with the unpredictability of his behaviour as I never know what I will wake up to or come home to in the eve. On a good day he can see the depression needs to be dealt with professionally,but during the black days he is angry,volatile, verbally abusive or completely passive.It's all very confusing, and emotionally stressful for me so I can only imagine how he feels ? Advice ,however obvious gratefully received as he is making me feel as though I am 'going slightly mad' :| Feel I am losing what was a very lovely relationship

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Re: Mental illness can affect us all

Postby tofler » Sun Sep 09, 2018 8:13 am

Hi ocean, welcome to the forum! Posts in these threads at the top of the page don't always get noticed by other people on here so it would be a good idea to start your own post by clicking or tapping on "new topic". Any chance that your husband might be struggling with bi-polar rather than depression and ADHD? It's just a thought I had when I read what you've posted.

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Re: Mental illness can affect us all

Postby ralphmcdonald » Fri Mar 01, 2019 8:06 am

Mental illness can affect other areas of one’s life. It is very difficult for those with mental illness to protect and balance physical well being.

Likewise, those who are trying to be normal but the side effects and symptoms of the mental illness make it quite difficult to function like normal people.

It also affects family, friends and work. So it’s better to talk with such person and try to find out what’s troubling and how can help to make them feel better.

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Re: Mental illness can affect us all

Postby glyn » Tue Apr 16, 2019 7:01 am

Since meeting and marrying my wife 21 years ago she has been the victim of her mental health. Just prior to marriage when we first got together she spent 7 weeks voluntarily sectioned for a break down due to her emotional state from her divorce but also because she had wrongly been diagnosed with COPD. When I got her back she was a regular Prozac user and appeared to lead a normal life. Then 14 years ago the depression took over again and now she was cared for at home by the teams and her drugs changed and monitored. Again we came out the other side more positive. Until we hit the hardest and worst year possible. Her son and his wife and the hard decision last year to terminate their pregnancy due to pre-eclampsia. this was followed by my wife developing leg pains which she convinced herself were MS, this was dismissed by a specialist and, with her emotional state worsening, we had a spate of 111 calls, A&E visits, wrong diagnosis of Diabetes and the introduction of and then increased dose of an anti-depressant that stripped her of Sodium and ended with two weeks in hospital over Christmas. By this time she started to have severe constipation and had a diagnosis of Slow Transit Colon. This was investigated, proceeded through specialists and made her housebound due to fears of the leakage constipation can cause. Her final specialist sent her away due to her very low weight and emotional state. We therefore sought emotional care and also tried to raise her weight with a diet. This managing of pills, diet and running a home tripped her and 4 weeks ago she attempted 'to go to sleep' with an overdose.

She was visited in A&E by the area Mental Health team, who at first considered that she would be OK to be cared for at home. I however spoke up about the fixations she had about myself and others talking about her, recording her and the like and they changed to Voluntary or Involuntary Section 2 action. In the inaugural meeting and subsequent independent meeting with the Psychiatric Team, I again had to be the one that allowed the Section 2 to proceed and just yesterday, when she was put on a Section 3 after the 28 days elapsed, I again had to report the paranoia.

You can possibly get the picture how I feel about being the husband who is assisting the state to keep his wife in a hospital she does not want to be in. I'm hurting, guilt ridden, unable to sleep and the target of her jibes of being a bad husband. Thankfully I have family and friends who have seen the paranoia, support me and encourage me. But I still feel bad. Hopefully she will thank me one day but more importantly that she recovers.

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Re: Mental illness can affect us all

Postby kerry22 » Sun Jun 23, 2019 9:02 pm

: Please please help! My husband is in the worst place possible. He's has serious depression and a server addiction to nurofen plus
He's making my life hell. I'm so lonley he's cold he's low he's sucidal ect I've ended up in a refruge with three kids.i don't. Think I can continue this marriage but I'm scared. Ii begged him three years ago to get help. He never did. He became worse Xmas time and I begged him again and he eventually got referred to counciling his first appointment is Tues. But it's been hell I don't think I can cope I'm starting to dispise him. We do nothing we live seperate lives sleep seperate work opposite shifts ect he's so low n I've tried everything I can. He refuses to talk to me.. he lies all the time. Please I just need someone I feel really depressed myself and that's not me I'm the one trying to pay off all the debt he's caused.,. Trying to keep our family safe x

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Re: Mental illness can affect us all

Postby northernmonkey » Sun Jun 28, 2020 6:37 pm

Hi I,m new to the group and I'm at at point in my relationship where I feel like giving up !! I've been with my partner for 9 years and 3 and anbit of which has been coping with a partner who got diagnosed with PTSD .Unfortunately he has only just started counselling for this condition too much to go into hete and some details I cant provide because we have a solicitors case which has been ongoing since the same time.I feel everyday I have to be strong for my partner when I no longer can be and I feel my own mental health is suffering .I just want to be alone with my own thoughts and have a few days of peace .I feel guilt for thinking like this but some days my partner is so hard to live with that's how it makes me feel.

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