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PTSD after a traumatic accident.

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PTSD after a traumatic accident.

Postby trixie88 » Wed Jun 30, 2021 10:37 am

Hi all,

I am new here. I’m hoping to have some help.

In January I suffered a nasty accident, I was kicked in the face by my horse (a complete accident and wrong place, wrong time). Anyway, I was rushed to hospital and suffered a fractured eye socket, nose and cheekbone. 2 weeks after I was admitted to hospital to have my cheekbone pushed back into place, which also resulted in me having a plate inserted to secure it.

Unfortunately, I now suffer with PTSD, depression and anxiety and I completed a course of CBT, which helped me to process the trauma. I was doing really well, and feeling better but this last couple of weeks I have been feeling really low again.

Anyway, a friend of mine who is also my instructor was there and saw it happened and took care of my horse for me whilst I was out of action. I seem to have become rather reliant on her and too close, putting too much pressure in the friendship and making her feel uncomfortable. I feel protective of her and too keen to help her, which usually isn’t a problem but I think I have gone overboard. I need to try and deal with this and go back to how our friendship was before the accident. Is it because she was there when it happened that I feel the need to be reliant and close to her? Is this normal? Does anyone know how I can resolve this along with the feeling like I’m being excluded and left out.

I am waiting to go back to counselling as I clearly have stuff I need to work on. Thanks

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