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Antipsychotic weight gain

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Re: Antipsychotic weight gain

Postby NeverGiveUp22 » Tue Aug 27, 2013 8:24 pm

Psychiatrists never comment on the weight. Think they would be more likely to do so if i was losing drastically(suspect anorexia?)

That is very possible, although that doesn't seem to bother them too much. I was quite underweight and still losing weight, but they only established that it would be another 5kg less until they could force feed me. If you ask me that is quite late to start worrying about the weight loss, but it obviously wasn't on their list of priorities.

Not spoken to doctor. But saw nurse re cholesterol and she said losing weight would help(eat more fruit/veg and exercise). Biggest problem for me is disciplining myself over the 10 months or so it would take to sensibly lose the weight if i lost a reasonable amount per week. My self control isn't good.

It is really hard to be disciplined over such a long period of time. Although maybe if you were able to establish some new habits it wouldn't be quite as much work to follow the dietary advice even though the results aren't obvious.
One of my flatmates has been working on losing weight and it seems to be happening at a very slow pace. She has an app for her phone (don't know which one) and it not only helps her keep a record of how it's going, but it also helps to motivate her along the way. Presumably there are similar things available online. She also has worked out a system of rewards. At first the steps were smaller than they are now. As far as I can see the rewards aren't food related, but can be anything from a new mascara to a new dvd or something similar (usually dependent on how much money she has). For a bigger milestone she got herself a new dress. I suppose one has to work out what helps oneself...

What kind of things are we talking about? I find it hard to keep up with dvd/tv workouts.

Ready prepared workouts are often hard to keep up with because they aren't at a manageable level for the individual. They can be helpful to set up your own routine. Start with a list of things that keep you busy for say 15 minutes and then just add new things as you go along. I know a few people who write down their own routines and just work with them at their own pace (and own choice of music).

I have some small weights to help strengthen the muscles in my arms. My parents use therapeutic elastic bands (resistance bands) to work on various muscles. We also have a step for aerobics. Put some music on and come up with your own routine (use the web for ideas). Rope skipping is quite good, although that may be better outside (lamps etc :) ). Hula hoops are entertaining (music makes it more fun). We used to have a small trampoline (rope skipping or hula hoop on it). A yoga mat can be used for stretches, sit-ups etc.
As far as I know exercise aimed at cardio is the most calorie burning, but that can be hard-going. I find I need a lot of variation. Initially just moving around more is a really good start though. Walking or jogging on the spot or hula hooping etc while watching tv is still a lot healthier than sitting on the couch.

I hope some of these ideas might be possibilities for you. It is important to find what works for you. I'm rather uninspired, because I go to the pool, swim a particular number of lengths in the pool and sometimes vary the swim style. But it works for me.

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Re: Antipsychotic weight gain

Postby robinbird » Thu Aug 29, 2013 10:33 am

Hello, I'm back again!

Thought I'd just say I know it feels crap to be unssatisfied with your body, but start by eating more fruit and veg (which by the sounds of it you're doing okay on). I just try and eat an extra bit of fruit a day to what I used to.
As for the exercise if there's a local gym or even town hall or something similar, there are sometimes classes like zumba or pilates. Might make it a little more enjoyable. It would be a big step walking into the class for the first time but I think it would be worth it to find people a similar shape looking for similar solutions but without joining a strict dieting club. You get the support and the friendship without restrictions.

Hope this helps! X
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Re: Antipsychotic weight gain

Postby riiupw » Tue May 25, 2021 2:57 pm

Hello everyone. Guys, is it possible in this situation to combat the increase in cholesterol in the body with the help of the cholesterol diet? Did someone take special drugs to reduce the amount of cholesterol in the body, or did your diet help you? Share your experience. Thank you all in advance.
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