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GOOD MORNING, what are your plans for today?

For sharing your experiences and feelings about mental illness
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Re: GOOD MORNING, what are your plans for today?

Postby plum » Thu Dec 31, 2020 7:50 pm

lol76 wrote:Hi plum...I agree its a very quiet site at the moment...I too would benefit from more chatting on here...hopefully more will follow.

I think me and you plus a few others are the only ghosts left on here.

Things really took a tumble after 2010 and sites and forums like these are a thing of the past unfortunately. I think people are mostly on whapsapp or live video chat even the dating sites have gone to s**t. Does anybody do anything anymore its so frustrating like where did everybody go, what an earth happened, its like a ghost town on forums and a ghost town in general in many aspects even before covid 19

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