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Hi, Complete newbie here

Posted: Thu Apr 29, 2021 3:12 pm
by valentinaj98
Hi my name is Valentina

I'm 22 and currently training to be a teacher (2020 was a great year for starting to teach :roll: ) I'm half Spanish and half Scottish (and live in England) My Dad died in December from Covid. I also broke up with my girlfriend the same month, (I'm bi well I don't know what I identify as) I also had a falling out with an online friend again in December, (it's not my favourite month anyway) we're talking again now but it's not the same, I can't explain but it's just different.

Anyway I've been struggling to cope, with basically everything. I've had grief counseling in February but something still isn't right, I can't concentrate on work, or anything really. I was really low the other week and even thought about suicide. I do have some good friends/flatmates and they help a bit. My hair has started falling out from the stress of everything.

I've made a doctor's appointment for Friday where I fully expect him to diagnose me with depression. I'm dreading it.

Like I said I have good friend but I find it hard to talk about my problems (Dad always said we don't talk about feelings and keep them hidden) I just wanted to join to have someone to talk to that has some idea of what I'm going through.

Sorry I've waffled on

Valentina x