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*Trig how to get help

Posted: Wed Mar 24, 2021 10:03 pm
by feckwit
Hi I am new. I have been under the CMHT for 18 months now. Sectioned twice but sent home after 24 hours each time. I have therefore never been properly assessed. I self harm daily. HUGELY medicine phobic and very suicidal.

I have been referred and rejected for CBT, DBT and a local unit who specialise in personality disorders (have diagnosed OCPD but suspected EUPD which has not yet been attributed by a psych).

All have rejected me as too unstable.

The only way to stablise me appears to be medication but I have had bad experiences and attempted to take my own life when trying new meds. Requested a voluntary hospital stay to try meds in a safe environment but was told no. Last psych requested another MH assessment in the hope I would be hospitalised and assessed properly but this time was told no as had been in twice before and they felt it hasn't worked. I feel I should have been kept in longer each time and properly assessed.

Now stuck in a cycle of attempting to take my life and getting no support. Went to a bridge today but talked myself down. Slashed all my arms with a blade. Husband called my MH team who basically said there was nothing they could do. The pressure on him and my teenage children is awful and I feel so dreadful about it.

Load more situations similar to this which I could share.

Any words of wisdom?