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Daughters anxiety

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Daughters anxiety

Postby zumbamumma45 » Tue Feb 02, 2016 7:10 pm

Hi I have my daughter off school for 4 months suffering with anxiety, tried hard to keep her in school but she could not manage and was sent home.she has very up n down days, anxiety and panic attacks ( although not so bad now).she finds busy , social situations difficult so school is a biggie!.she has improved greatly over time
and counselling and I think she'l get there. :) the doctor and school are supportive and she has work sent home.she gets quite down from being at home and on her better days she feels guilty.she gets up in the morning and works then in the afternoon she walks to school ( part of exposure therapy) she meets a friend then walks much as I don't want to make home too much fun I feel like the every day could be better.Especially to lift her spirits a bit more.anyone else in the same situation?

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