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08 Apr 2018 , by andrepetr77

Poem: Stress is a mess problem we must address!

A poem about stress and how to deal with the root of it.

I open the blog page
What do I see?
The theme is stress – Oh Good God Goodness Me!!!
Said thing descends as my eyes scan the screen
What the hell do I write?! How has stress affected me???

Weeeeeellll…in a nutshell…

Stress is that mess that causes distress just as disease does dis-ease
So where does one start – looks like by making some art
That hopefully helps us to see…

See the cause of the stress, the cause of distress
The root of the problem that’s sown
Hopefully by recognising it stops multiplying and ceases to fester and grow…

Like a stick then a snake, a snake then a stick at first it can be hard to determine
The cause of the pain, the tears falling like rain, or the clouds of emotion that conceal it
We often get so caught up in it that we first can’t see then fiddle-dee-dee!
Suddenly it appears in front of our nose…

Emotions that come about from a cry, scream or shout
Of something that’s caused an upset
It could be a narcissistic so-and-so, a death of a loved one or a break up or break down
Oh no!

What can sometimes follow is anger, sadness, acceptance (not necessarily in that order or one after another mind you)
Then…I think it’s grief? Somewhere in there too…?

Then there comes a time when we perhaps need to stop rhyme
To have a serious look at what we need to
For if we don’t we’ll likely miss the boat and fall victim to its Hoodoo.

For me the cause of stress can often be unnecessary duress
Run here, rescue them, help her, assist him…
Quick do everything!!!

Upon slowing down and introspecting
Being the inspecting introspector
I see that things outside my control are not necessasrily things in my control and vice versa,

Definitions of what a man should be
Were nothing but scammy
There is nothing wrong with me as I am.

So when stress next strikes
Instead of worry and strife
Talk to your wife, husband, friend, partner, colleague, therapist
It will sure save your life…

Then you won’t worry about whether the last line rhymes or not.

BeStressAware 🙂



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