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09 Oct 2020, by SamanthaCrilly

Poem: Mental illness is like a cancer of the mind

Mental illness is like a cancer of the mind,
An Imperceptible indiscriminatory presence to humankind
Those touched by it, will know it’s a debilitating living nightmare
However even in our deepest darkest moments of despair
We may not always see hope, but it doesn’t mean it’s not there.

The purpose of this book is to give you, the reader, an insight into mental illness through both a sufferer’s and their carers eyes.

To undo everything surrounding mental illness which has been strongly stigmatised
But most of all to shine a light on recovery and the peace you can still find
The rebuilding of love and relationships which were once left behind
Please remember that there is always a way out, for all of you.

This book will have fulfilled its purpose when you eventually do.

Taken from Hope Through Poetry by Samatha Crilly

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