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01 Jan 2023 , by Caroline

No pressure new year

I’ve just been reading about new year and all about the goals we “should” be setting, the resolutions we “should” be intending to do.

It got me thinking about pressure. The pressure put on us that can make some of us feel “I must work out a goal and intend to be utterly positive, successful and be the best high achiever I have ever been in the new year. And I must do this starting on 1 January and continue all the year through”.

But where did this pressure come from? And why do I suddenly need to change on 1 January? And what’s the worst that can happen if I don’t?

So I just wanted to say – there is no pressure.

That pressure doesn’t exist. If you do want to use the new year to start something new great. If you want to have January be the next month and continue as you are great.

Don’t feel that just because we have a new calendar we must have a new “us”. We don’t. We just need to know it’s OK to be ourselves and to not have any feelings of what we “should be doing”.

Happy no pressure year to you. May 2023 bring you everything that is kind, joyful and wonderful.

  • Thanks, Its been a pretty stressful new year for me and I try and take the good from the bad but its wearing me down at the moment. My new year has had a pretty bad start tbh.

    HapHap - 26 Jan 2023, 9:56pm

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