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Blogs by Olivia

We are delighted to share a selection of blogs written by our supporters that communicate their experience of mental health.

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Opening up about living with OCD

13 Oct 2020, by Olivia

Opening up about living with OCD

OCD in social and mainstream media is frequently misrepresented. The media has created a stigma that makes people believe they may have some form of OCD due to wanting to clean something twice or needing to triple-check an appliance is turned off. The media portrayal of any mental health condition …

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What does OCD look like?

10 Oct 2020, by Olivia

What does OCD look like?

Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) is a chronic anxiety-related disorder dominated by compulsions and obsessions. Obsessions are thoughts, urges and mental images that are uncontrollable and repetitive. Compulsions are the behaviours that a person with OCD has to perform in response to their obsessive thought.

Olivia is a 21-year-old from London. …

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