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03 Jul 2020 , by Caroline

I’ve become quite the tutter

It seems to have come to a point in the year that the same question keeps getting asked – So, what have you done during lockdown? All over social media I see lots of inspiring people who have achieved something and seem to say:

“During lockdown have you redecorated your house?” Me – “um no”
” landscaped your garden?” – “um no”
“Any DIY?” – “um no”
“Rearranged your cupboards/wardrobes?” – “um no”
“Become a fabulous chef with all the new home cooked meals we have had the opportunity to prepare?”
“Definitely no”

So what have I achieved and improved on during this time? I have become really good at tutting! Especially as the lockdown eases and more regulations are changed and brought in.

For instance, last week on the news seeing all the people not social distancing at the beach and in parks. TUT!

All that rubbish that was left behind from days out. TUT!

And of course not forgetting all the politicians and their decision and policy making. TUT! “One says 2 metres distance, another says 1. A part of the UK can now shop and another part can’t and don’t let us get started with schools. They don’t even know what they are doing!”

And that’s where I realised I had become almost a gold star professional in the art of tutting especially at the tele.

But it got me thinking, of course they don’t really know what they are doing. Politicians, some people, me (especially me I am so confused). Nothing like this has ever happened in our lifetime and in the speed that this virus has spread.

What we are all doing is our best. We are all trying to do the best we can for everyone and ourselves. There is no definitive guideline in what is going to be exactly right in every single situation and done in perfect time. We can just try.

So I am going to try and put my tutting skills away now and learn to be more patient and tolerant in these new easing of lockdown times. Yes it’s anxious times and yes we are absolutely allowed to be gentler on ourselves when we are worried. But I am going to try my best to keep reminding myself that we are all in the same boat and we may not see someone doing what we are doing but I am going to be more understanding and know that we are all doing our best. That is my new skill to master this year. That and discovering some new slow cooker recipes.

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