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20 Sep 2020 , by Caroline

Hold on

This year is barmy isn’t it? And the longer the year goes on the more song lyrics take on a more real meaning for me.

For example the news these days – it’s getting to the point that each day the news is getting more awful, more surreal and I keep thinking of the line in Lily Allen’s The Fear – “I don’t know what’s right and what’s real anymore”.

And now we’re facing a second wave of this pandemic. So many of us must be feeling, we’re just coming to terms with the first wave and now here comes a second? I’m not ready to face this.

So much is happening right now to all of us. Things that we are all facing together and everything else that we face that is personal to us.

I heard this great analogy the other day of explaining how we carry life’s issues. We all have a bucket that we put our stress, problems, worries etc in. Everyone’s bucket is fine and at the same time unique to them. Some buckets take a long time to fill before they become overfull. But some buckets fill up very quickly and become full and overwhelmed.

With everything that we face both individually, and what we are facing together, me for one – my bucket is getting pretty heavy.

When I heard more bad news was on the way I immediately thought, like most people, when are we going to get good news? When are we going to hear and have something that brings real joy?

Then another song lyric came to me “Hold on, Hold on”
REM – Everybody Hurts.

I remind myself we’re not alone. We’re all in this together. And there really are people who get it and understand all of us with our heavy buckets. And one day, the good news will, really will, return.

“Hold on.”

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