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15 Aug 2020 , by Caroline

Do you ever think why me?

Do you ever think why me? Why has this happened to me? I have, and on definitely more than one occasion.

My “why me” can stem from when I am running late, with still thousands of jobs to do, and the milk gets spilt literally everywhere, and on that particular morning too when I am at most disorganised. Why me? Why now? Why today?

My “why me” moment is usually asked because of anxiety. Especially when I have to face a challenge that really triggers anxiety, from social anxiety, to insomnia caused by anxiety, to well, general anxiety. I have had so many moments thinking – this is not fair. What have I done to deserve these anxious feelings, emotions, thoughts? Why is this happening to me?

And the answer is – I don’t know to be honest. I have been learning when, and how my anxiety is triggered, and even a possible reason for the cause but why it had to manifest as anxiety I do not know.

One thing I have learned though is as crushing as anxiety can feel it is giving me the opportunity to reach out to anyone who feels they are in a similar way and say

You are not alone. There are many of us on the same wave length who do understand how you are feeling. Never feel isolated or misunderstood or feel you are the only one because we are out there too feeling the same and we are all in this together.

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