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By Lunar Shooter

Lunar Shooter, a long time supporter of SANE, is continuing to help us by kindly donating all the proceeds of his new album, 'Reflections', to support our work. Matt Keen, guitarist and vocalist from Nine Mile Road and a friend of Lunar Shooter, says: "I have known Rob Bayley for over 30 years. In addition to our friendship I have followed Rob’s musical adventures since we worked together on a CD about John Clare in the early 90’s. I have assisted him in getting support from David Gilmour and Pink Floyd with recording equipment too. “Reflections”, like Rob’s other work, is full of jazzy invention, kindness, honesty and a passion to express the reality of his life and the hope that drives it. So, it has the attributes of the man himself. If you enjoy skilfully crafted music that has a back story of real hardship mixed with a searing optimism, then this is for you. Please support Rob and Sane by buying “Reflections".

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