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Hello everyone.So, i have this very big problem.. I met this one girl 3 years ago, and ever since we started talking, i have fallen in love with her so badly, that i dont know what to do anymore. Everything was perfect, but one night, i asked her to be my girlfriend, she accepted, which was a mistake. 6 days after we got together, she said that it has to be over, because she sees me "as a friend" which we all know, is bullshit. And that day i made a big mistake. I still accepted to be friends with her, which lead me to even more heartbroken then ever before. I have listened to her talking about her crushes, how she likes them and all that shit, and it fucking broke me. I had only one dream, that she was mine, and we could live happily together. Last month she told me she has another crush, and i though "fuck,again??" And this one seems serious, because that boy is beatiful, has a great personality, and would be a great bf to her. She told me how she likes him, how good he treats her, and how bad she wants him. They have been going out almost every day, when i have been asking her out on a walk or just sit at a park ant talk about something, for the past 2 months, and she always found excuses, but not for him.. 3 days ago, i tried to km*, but it was a failled attempt. I dont know what to do since then. I know that i cant just forget her, because that would be impossible, and i cant live like this anymore. I will never love any girl, the way i love her.

Please if you've been in this kinda situation, what helped you, and what to do.

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