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20 Jul 2021

Why are three consultants swapping their scrubs for wetsuits?

Three Consultants from Kingston Hospital Maternity Unit are swapping their scrubs for wetsuits this August to raise money for SANE.

Gabby, Carl and Tom – known as Team Tri Hard – will be donning matching Lycra and competing in the London Triathlon in support of people living with mental illness.

Team Tri Hard - London Triathlon

Gabby says, “As COVID becomes a liveable norm, vaccines are being given and summer beckons, a wise psychiatrist, Liz Shaw, said to me that this is only the start of the mental health pandemic. Never a truer a word has been spoken. As we look around at the aftermath of COVID we can see the devastation it has caused to everybody. Nobody is unaffected.”

“We’re not particularly sporty, fit or young but training and friendly competition has reminded us of a life outside of COVID and it looks promising!”

To support Gabby, Carl and Tom, go to

If you’re inspired by Team Tri Hard to take on an event for Sane, go to our Events page and sign up now!

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