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21 Apr 2022

SANE’s support services through the pandemic

Over the course of the last two years, SANE has continued to offer its support services to anyone concerned about their or somebody else’s mental health, through phone, email and text messages.

Our Impact Report into the services we offer found that in the first year of the pandemic alone, we…

  • Took 7,000 phone calls
  • Sent 3,200 personalised emails
  • Texted 1,200 messages of support

SANE also adapted the support we offer by enabling our trained advisers to call back people who had left telephone messages. We have provided on-going support for many callers via weekly check in calls for as long as is helpful or from specialist staff offering 1:1 support for a limited period of time.

SANE Impact Report - what differences did we make?

This work can provide a vital lifeline for many, especially given the increased loneliness and isolation that we all have experienced as a consequence of the lockdowns and other measures to control the Covid pandemic.

More than one third of the people SANE has supported during this time have severe or enduring mental health problems.

  • 83% tell us they feel lonely and isolated
  • 78% say they are depressed or anxious
  • Almost two thirds describe experiencing suicidal thoughts and feelings

Shockingly, nearly half of all callers (43%) say that SANE is their only source of support.

The people who have contacted us say that our support has made a significant difference, with almost nine in ten people (89%) describing it as having a positive impact on their mental health, and that they felt they were treated with compassion and understanding (90%).

Our work to support those in need continues, and our ambition remains that no individual or family should have to contend with the distress and isolation of having to face mental illness alone.

Download the full report (PDF, 213 KB)

Download the summary (PDF, 69 KB)

For more information about the services we offer, please vist our Emotional Support page.

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