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14 May 2020

Running 101 miles in 26 hours for SANE

Darren Tait is set to run 101 miles around Hyde Park in one stint raising money for and awareness of SANE, for those affected by mental health issues during Covid-19

Darren, from Wiltshire, has taken to the streets of London to help raise awareness of an ever-growing issue during Covid-19: that being the mental health of some of the UK’s population.

From those affected by loneliness, depression through to anxiety and alcoholism or drug abuse, this intrepid runner stands strong in wanting to raise awareness for all. He will be running 101 miles in and around Hyde Park within 26 hours on 15 May – totalling 28 loops of Hyde Park.

Darren Tait

He will have a small support team including an NHS community psychiatric nurse who will be following government rules and pacing him at various intervals throughout the night and subsequent day. They will be dropping him 2 metre food and drink parcels at aid stations spaced accordingly around the park and other locations.

Darren has also been documenting this journey leading up to his run called ‘Seeking Solice’ which will also be available to those who offer any donation to SANE.

Darren himself has fought his own mental health demons many years ago and now wants to help others and raise awareness of an issue which is sadly very prevalent during this pandemic and lock down.

You can also follow his journey on his Instagram account @darrentait75 alongside @charitysane

For all donations to SANE go to Darren’s JustGiving page –

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