Young SANE


We've all seen the viral photos, videos and memes that have been shared, tweeted and watched by millions across the globe. Fandoms, communities of people who are fans of certain bands, TV shows or books, make up some of the biggest social media groups. So could the power of social media fandoms be harnessed to change mental health for good?

SJ certainly thinks so! She’s the owner of One Direction fandom account, @STYLATORARMY, and has amassed over 1.1 million followers on Twitter. She created the #UniteForCharity Twitter campaign to raise awareness of mental illness amongst young people, and fight back against the stigma that makes suffering mental illness such a lonely experience.

#UniteForCharityYoung people from all over the world have tweeted their support, and have been encouraging others to seek mental health support when they need it.

#UniteForCharity supporters have already raised over £500 for SANE, providing 100 vulnerable people with personalised Textcare packages to bring them comfort and hope in their darkest moments. To help more people with mental illness, visit the #UniteForCharity JustGiving page.

SJ made this video to raise awareness of mental health issues, and to encourage people to get involved with #UniteForCharity.