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Young people are the future, and educating young people on mental illness is the best way to stop mental health stigma for good. A number of schools and universities across the country have made a commitment to stamping out mental health stigma, by embracing SANE's Black Dog Campaign and raising money for people with mental illness.

Putney High School Putney Fundraising

Burton House - one of four houses at Putney High School - chose SANE as their charity of the year, following a number of mental health initiatives at the school. Student Erin Ailes suggested SANE, as she has a strong interest in ending mental illness stigma.

She said: “SANE not only supports people with mental health problems, but it also fights to eliminate the stigma surrounding these issues. This stigma is often what stops people from getting the help they need. The thing about mental health problems is that they will affect everyone, whether directly or indirectly. And that’s not fair. That has to stop.”

Putney High decided to adopt SANE's Black Dog, Elvis, as a focal point for their mental health activities. They also got stuck in with fundraising, holding quizzes, discos and an Easter Egg hunt to raise as much money as possible for people affected by mental illness. The amazing staff and students at Putney High have raised an impressive £1,700, all of which will go towards helping over 270 people who have nowhere else to turn. Thank you, Burton House, for your amazing support.

Channing SchoolChanning School

Channing School chose SANE as their charity of the year and kicked off the partnership by hosting our Black Dog, Horace. He was warmly welcomed to the school, and his presence encouraged students to speak more openly about depression and mental illness, and helped Channing School reduce mental illness stigma. 

Year 13 students Sophie, Tara and Molly were inspired to fundraise for better mental health and raise awareness amongst the school's students. Channing pupils held cake sales, an ‘unplugged’ concert and a sixth form Christmas charity week to raise money for people affected by mental illness. They also joined forces with the junior school for a fundraising swimathon.

Overall, the wonderful students and staff at Channing raised over £9,000 for better mental health. Their incredible efforts will provide 1,440 people with a safe, non-judgemental space to turn to when they are in desperate need. SANE would like to extend a huge thank you to these inspirational fundraisers, who have changed mental health for good. 

Read more about SANE's partnership with Channing School here.

Cheltenham CollegeCheltenham College

In January 2014, SANE was chosen as Cheltenham College's charity of the year. The Black Dog Campaign arrived at Cheltenham College in the form of Elvis, providing a focus to their fundraising and mental health education activities.

The College organised an amazing array of fundraising events, including a combined triathlon, a summer ball, and a 24 hour prefects' run. The prefects clocked up a staggering 520km, and raised £7,185 to help people in need.

Over the course of the charity of the year partnership, the staff and students of Cheltenham College raised over £11,500. 

Thanks to their hard work, more than 2,000 vulnerable people will receive 20 minutes of free, confidential, emotional support and expert guidance. It is this personalised, compassionate care that can really make the difference and change someone’s life.

Read more about SANE's partnership with Cheltenham College here.