Young SANE

Facing Shadows 

Seven young people who had all been through depression wanted to share their experiences of therapy, and so created Facing Shadows - a short animated film which you can watch below. They share their stories of what it was like to go through depression, and recovery to encourage others like them to speak out and seek help early.

Lauren: "I think [the film] is needed because it’s not a very open subject. A lot of kids might not realise they are depressed until they watch the film because depression comes in all types and forms. It’s not just that if you cry you’re depressed. You could be angry, anxious or worried. Depression is not bog-standard- it’s different for every person. It’s important for them to watch the movie and realise that."

Louisa: "I want to get awareness of depression out there, because of what I went through. I know so many people going through the same thing and they don’t get help or recognise it or they think their parents and teachers won’t understand."

Romana: "We spent four days making the film – it almost felt like therapy. Even the colouring in was relaxing! The people were really nice. The most important thing was that the adults were really interested in what the young people had to say, which is a situation you don’t find yourself in very often. Being able to get your ideas out there in an animation is great."

Stella: "The one thing with depression is that you feel alone. I hope that the film sends out a message to people who are suffering from depression and are really low that they are not alone."