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Virtual Black Dog


Virtual Dog is the newest part of the Black Dog Campaign, especially for our online supporters. We want to create a Black Dog statue that represents everyone involved in mental health online.

Rhiannon is part of SANE’s fundraising team. Here she shares with us her experience of online communities, the inspiration behind Virtual Dog, and why she thinks this latest initiative is a great opportunity for everyone.

"I’m always amazed at the power online communities can have. I’ve experienced personally the strength and support you can gain from strangers across the world that you would otherwise never have come across. You can find fantastic friends, solace in others with similar experiences, and express thoughts you can only put in words anonymously.

"SANE’s online community is strong - I’ve been blown away during my time here as to how involved, connected, and passionate you all are. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed interacting with you through social media and our website. All of us here enjoy reading your tweets, facebook posts, messages, and blog posts. The creative methods of expression are wonderful, and we really appreciate the hard work and effort you put into them.

"It's for these reasons that I believe Virtual Dog is important. We’d love to be able to do something to represent all of you, and all that you do online. It would be amazing to see our online community come to life through its own Black Dog statue."

There are lots of ways for you to support Virtual Dog - design a coat, make a donation, write a blog - the possibilities are endless. Please take a look at the links above for information on how you can get involved with the latest exciting stage of the Black Dog Campaign.