Emotional Support

Caller Care

Images_of_man_with_face_in_handsCaller Care is another way SANE provides emotional support. As with our other services, it is led by professional staff. It operates on the basis of SANE making contact, after referral and assessment.

The initial referral is made by trained helpline volunteers. A further assessment is made by the Caller Care team in their first contact with the individual when a care support plan is agreed.

The plan ensures the individual receives calls from SANE's staff over an agreed period of time. This support can help alleviate a crisis phase or difficult circumstances.

Carers who find it hard to identify or access support for themselves can find it especially helpful. People who are experiencing suicidal feelings, or are in particular distress, also benefit from Caller Care.

There is no set minimum or maximum duration for support. Sometimes a single follow up call is sufficient to provide the reassurance needed. For others the support may run for a significant period.

Currently, Caller Care is delivered exclusively by phone. In future, it is likely to expand so that we give support via e-mail and text, as well as by telephone.

Caller Care is a free mental health support service that can help in times of crisis, or to aid recovery from, or management of, mental illness.