Emotional Support

Having a mental health condition, or caring for someone who does, may leave you feeling distressed, lonely or isolated.

Textcare provides help at times that are relevant for you, for instance:

• A regular time when you may feel lonely or isolated, for example on evenings, weekends or when other support is not available.

• A specific time when you would like some extra support, for example before attending an appointment.

Textcare provides one text per week for five weeks. If you would like to continue the support beyond this time, simply make another request.

Textcare Update

We have experienced exceptionally high demand for Textcare recently and this, coupled with the adverse weather conditions which has impacted volunteer availability, has meant that we have taken the regrettable decision to close the service to further requests until 19th March.

We are sorry for this temporary closure. We are working very hard to ensure we respond in a timely fashion to all the requests we have already received and to reopen the service as soon as possible. If you need support before 19th March please contact one of our other services.

With best wishes,

SANE Textcare Team