Send a Text

Save a Life

In some situations, sending a text message can literally save a person's life; it can be that step that helps a person to realise they are not alone, people care about their wellbeing, and help is available. A text can be a true message of hope.

Person_under_waterfallIt is widely accepted that intervening as early as possible is the best way of helping anyone who may be in distress or experiencing mental health problems.

The consequences of not identifying or responding quickly to warning signs can be devastating. Around three-quarters of people who take their own lives in the UK each year have not been in contact with specialist mental health services within a year of their death and in the last months of their life many have no contact with their GP either.

Send a Text Save a Life draws on SANE’s expertise in providing emotional support. SANE will give people the knowledge, and equip them with a practical toolkit, to recognise important mental health warning signs. And it will empower each one of us to take common sense actions. A simple text message can lift the spirits, change a person’s mood and in some cases, even save a life.

Across the UK, there are hundreds of thousands of people who are worried about individuals they love, but unsure how they can help. The perceptions could be about friends, family members, neighbours or colleagues.

SANE believes the public can play a vital role in recognising and responding to the critical early warning signs of vulnerable people, and it does not require specialist skills or extensive training.