Send a Text

How You Can Help

You may find yourself in situations where you feel that someone isn’t ‘quite themselves’:

  • They may seem a bit quiet or withdrawn.
  • They may take time off work with a cold or flu, but somehow you feel this isn’t the full story.
  • They may be more irritable than normal.
  • They may seem to be tired all the time.
  • They may have lost their sparkle.

How can Send a Text Save a Life help?

When you have concerns about someone and you’re unsure what to do, you can send a supportive text message. This is a very discrete and simple way of making contact, and letting the person know you care. You can reach out in a helpful way, and often you don’t need to address the subject of mental health straight away. 

What do I say?

SANE maintains you don’t have to be an expert to offer effective and important support. Often just showing that you care, and that you’re accepting of the other person’s feelings is enough. The text becomes a message of hope that can encourage a person to ask for help. SANE has a wealth of mental health resources; we provide free, confidential emotional support to people affected by mental health problems, including family, friends, colleagues and carers.

What do I do next?

Someone who is stressed, anxious and/or depressed is very likely to be experiencing feelings of loneliness and isolation and may well be finding it difficult to communicate. The most important step is to let them know:

  • You are thinking of them.
  • You care about their welfare.
  • You are there to listen if they want to talk.

How do I know Send a Text Save a Life works?

Many of the text suggestions are taken directly from our daily work with people in need or crisis. These are authentic words of support offered by people with firsthand experience of mental illness to one another during difficult times. These are the things that people tell us are most helpful. In short, they’ve been well tried and tested! And you can adapt and combine as seems right for your particular situation.