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Your Black Dog Days

We all have Black Dog Days.

Please share your experience by emailing or share with us through Facebook and Twitter and we'll feature them below:


SANE supporter Raks (@MycroftBrolly) sent us this brilliant tweet about Send a Text Save a Life:

"I LOVE the new campaign - bang on the money! It empowers ALL friends and family to help. You don't have to be an expert."


"Sometimes all we need is someone to be there for us; there will be no magic cure or instant recovery, it may take a while for progress to be seen, but if you stick by us in this difficult time you may save their lives."

This is an extract of a blog from @KatieKaophonicc. Read more: Self Harm Sanctuary


"When i get a simple 'hi, hope you're ok' makes such a difference in my darker hours."
(Fiona Hepburn)


"I got "Hi hun how's you x" yesterday which was lovely :o)"

"I also got sent a photo of my neice last week that made my day!!!"


"A phone call from a friend long ago saved me, it's easy to pay that kindness back.."Hello. Thinking of you"


"I don't feel any diff towards you now as I did before. You will always be my sister regardless of situation. My only upset is that you are/were ill enough to think that that was your only solution to things. I just hope that the right people are listening to you now. Hxxx"

"When I was in hospital; family ignoring me but friend wasn't"


SANE supporter Amanda O (@amanda_stand) told us that the best text message she received was from CPN:

Me: 'How can it be so hard to just get out of bed? I'm not looking for an answer. I'm just saying'.
CPN's response: 'And I'm just listening'.