Psychosocial Research

ResearchOur psychosocial research team focuses on the social and psychological aspects of mental illness. We specialise in using qualitative and mixed methods research to access the first-hand experiences and inherent knowledge of people with mental health difficulties, and that of their families and friends. Our aim is to use this knowledge and understanding to help develop more appropriate interventions and to make experiences and behaviours such as self-harm, suicide or attempted suicide intelligible to those who have no first-hand experience of them and who often find them difficult to comprehend.

Our current research focus is primarily suicide and suicide prevention. Two major studies are in progress exploring the insights of people who have experienced suicidal feelings, including those who have attempted suicide, as well as the perceptions of people close to those who have attempted or completed suicide.  We have received funding for these projects from the James Wentworth-Stanley Memorial Fund and the BIG Lottery Fund.

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Other recent research includes a project exploring the choices people diagnosed with schizophrenia or bipolar disorder make about following their recommended treatment, and a major qualitative study of people’s experiences of self-harm.

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