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Black Dog Campaign


The Black Dog statues have been all around the country and have met millions of people. Here's a just few images to show you what's been happening.

Black Dog comes to Scotland

In November 2013, Scotland’s first Black Dog statue was revealed, sponsored by SANE’s partner Ryden LLP.
Below are few photos of Angus, from the launch event and in his current home on Princes Street, Edinburgh:

Angus    Angus and Maggie    Angus Launch Event    Princes Street

Science Museum LATES

On April 26th 2012 our Black Dog statues were a main feature of the Science Museum's popular LATES event. Below are some of the images from that night, courtesy of Barry MacDonald.



East London Tour

Our Black Dog statues are currently on a tour of East London. Below are a selection of images from the Tour so far. Remember to send us pictures of you with the Black Dogs, we'd love to see them! Send your snaps to


Familiar Faces

Featuring some well-known SANE supporters!

 Marjorie_Wallace_&_Rory_Bremner     Homer_Victore_Quarter_Leeds     Marjorie_Wallace_&_Rory_Bremner

Homer     Rory_&_Black_Dog_Brochure     Marjorie_Wallace_&_Homer     Rory_&_ITVNews_Presenter

Rory_Brember_with_Black_Dog     Jenny_Eclair     KT_Tunstall     Marjorie_Wallace_and_Rory_Bremner